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Punjabi Mathri

Even if someone else is cooking ‘n’ not me, I love standing next to the counter in kitchen always… One fine morning… Mum took a tin of vegetable ghee (dalda) n poured over… Continue reading

Hariyali Paneer

Are you tired of having red/brown gravies of North-Indian cuisine? I’m!!! Whenever I visit any Indian restaurant here, I find the same gravy in almost every dish being served! They change only main… Continue reading

Mango Lassi

Finally, I can see beautiful sunshine around! Had been waiting for winter to end soon… Sick n tired of chilly weather here :( Sunny season seems to be round the corner, making me… Continue reading

Paneer Tikka

‘Paneer Tikka’ – It has always been my favorite starter in Indian cuisine. How I love those spicy ‘b’ smoky flavors of marinated paneer pieces. I used to make it at least once… Continue reading

Daal-Paalak Paratha

Going grocery shopping is never quick n easy for me! Don’t ask me for a reason!!! Quite obviously, I get lost in those aisles like a kid getting lost in a sugar-candy store… Continue reading

Paneer Paratha

Do you remember all those days when you shared your tiffin-box with your school-buddies? or college-mates? or even with colleagues? I certainly do… I can always link myself back to those tiny lunch-boxes… Continue reading

Tid-Bits of North-Indian Dishes

To make 2G Paste: Take ginger and garlic (1:2) and roughly chop them. Add a pinch of salt and cooking oil. Grind them together to make a paste. I keep this paste handy… Continue reading

Paneer Kofta Curry

‘Kofta’ – I have been eating these koftas since my mum started making North-Indian dishes in-house! I’m not so bold enough to try varieties of koftas like mum… As I got to taste… Continue reading

Aloo Masaledar

I’m in love with Potato forever! Anything cooked with this root-veggie is always a hit in my kitchen… But if I think of making something as a bachelor, I definitely go for simple… Continue reading