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‘Okra’ is always my 1st pick for experiments! I simply love these tender yet firm pods… And when I get whole baby okra, I go mad with happiness!!! Of course, everyone in my… Continue reading

Cabbage Kofta Curry

I love any gravy that comes with Koftas… Many a times, I mentioned on this space that my mum is an expert feeding me so many varieties of kofta! So again, I have… Continue reading

Malai Kofta

‘Malai Kofta’ & ME!!! :( Grrrrr… Never… Naah, never ever! As you know, I don’t much like sweets and a big NO-NO when it comes to be a sweet gravy/curry. Back in India,… Continue reading

‘Bhoona Paneer’: My guest-post for Rafee’s Space!!!

I made many friends since I started food-blogging, many recipes I bookmarked to try out in my kitchen, participated in many events… But out of all those lovely pages, I always found ‘The… Continue reading

Kadai Paneer

I was introduced to North-Indian curries during my primary schooling! Dad planned to take us to ‘Nootan Restaurant’ one evening… We were so much excited to dine something different :) And the first… Continue reading

Aloo-Matar Paratha

Do you think your memories are mysterious? Mine are… I feel that sometimes :( Many times I wish to be a long-lost wanderer down the memory lane… And many times, I hate to… Continue reading

Achari Palak

One fine morning, he stepped into kitchen to get something to eat! While surfing through the drawers, he opened the 2nd one from top on left corner of my counter top. And he… Continue reading

Kesariya Paneer

Head was spinning after a long tiring journey of 16 hours, so slept in just 2 mins! Woke up the next morning n 1st thing I did was to analyze the kitchen!!! It… Continue reading

Veggie Biryani

I don’t much enjoy having simple daal-rice everytime… I love varieties of daal n even in rice dishes too! Peas pulao, jeera rice, chinese/mexican fried rice, mushroom biryani, potato biryani, rissotto n many… Continue reading