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Makhmali Kebab

Makhmaliii… When you hear this word, what’s the 1st thing coming to your mind??!!! My mind starts thinking about a material my mum uses to make thokorji’s outfits n other shringaar :) Something… Continue reading

Amritsari Chhole

Previously I have posted a recipe of ‘Chhole Masala’ but making of this one is slightly different than the earlier one. Made chhole using that recipe number of times before, but whenever I… Continue reading

Potato Biryani

I go mad when I find my kitchen overloaded with potatoes!!! Usually when I switch in lazy mood during weekend nights, I prefer making a one-pot meal for a change. Last weekend, I… Continue reading

Garlic Roti

If I start counting varieties of ‘Indian Breads’, it will definitely go beyond my imagination!!! Being an integral part of Indian cuisine, these breads are prepared with different ingredients n different techniques in… Continue reading

Achari Bhindi

As a kid, I hardly liked any veggies in my meals… But bhindi was always in my list of favorites :) Mum never tried feed anything forcefully, but she always cooked so tasty… Continue reading

Mushroom Matar Malai

It’s been a long time (nearly 3 years) I met my elder brother and sister-in-law, who are big-time foodies!!! Bhaiya went overseas to pursue his post-graduation studies n I was doing my engineering… Continue reading

Paneer-Mooli Paratha

I had been to ‘Jassi De Parathe’ thrice when I was in India and since then I have got a long list of stuffed parathas to try in-house! I enjoy making them not… Continue reading


Mum told me several times to join her on a trip to ‘Gokul-Mathura’, but I never got ready for it before. I visited that place for the 1st time a year back… I… Continue reading

Rajma Masala

I keep trying to use ‘Red Kidney Beans’ in variety of dishes… Rajma Kebab, Dal Makhni, Tacozza etc. And yes, that too with different types of Rajma available in market :P But here… Continue reading