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Chatpati Chana Dal

How many of you remember those roadside ‘khhumcha wala’ selling a paper-cone full of masala chana dal or chana-jor-garam just in Rs. 10 or so??!!! Although I’m not allowed to have much of… Continue reading

Soya-Beans Paniyaram

Being a protein-lover, I kept a big pack of soya granules in-house but hardly ever used it! May be ‘coz it’s hard to bring flavors in this source of protein… Even if I… Continue reading

Aloo Puff

Doesn’t matter if I prepare each dish in-house, I still feel that there are many snacks/munchies which doubles my joy while eating on streets :P ‘Aloo Puff’ which is usually known as ‘Veg… Continue reading

Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

A healthy root-vegetable, sweet-potato surely¬†will become a regular ingredient of your cooking experiments, once it enters your kitchen with oven-roasted way!!! And then, you probably will use more n more techniques to prepare… Continue reading

Crunchy Chickpeas

All my long-time readers must be knowing how I’m obsessed with protein-sources! I always keep looking for more n more dishes enriching my diet with protein… While drafting a document for one of… Continue reading

Buttered Corn

Anyone from India must have heard about ‘Kankaria Lake’ for sure! I used to live just on a walking distance from the lake for long years. Many times I used to go for… Continue reading

Guilt-free Dalwada

After getting married, I stayed with in-laws for nearly 8-9 months. And during that time, I got to know so many stories of past by family members… I know I’m no one to… Continue reading


Many childhood memories revived!!! Years back, mum n aunties all together used to make sundried papa n sev in bulk :D From that list, Khichiya Papad has been my favorite for all time…… Continue reading

Tortilla Shards

I never prefer making anything more than two of us can eat!!! So normally, a situation doesn’t arise where I have to think over using leftover food… But at times, I make some… Continue reading