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Kadai Paneer

I was introduced to North-Indian curries during my primary schooling! Dad planned to take us to ‘Nootan Restaurant’ one evening… We were so much excited to dine something different :) And the first… Continue reading

Aloo Rassa

How many dishes you have in your list of comfort food? How many of them you make often? And how many of them you count as your family favorites? I certainly have a… Continue reading

Achaari Aloo

Will you call me a cheater if I confess that I broke my own recipe-rule this time??!!! Hehe… I won’t mind if you do so… ‘coz I know I did that just to… Continue reading

Achari Palak

One fine morning, he stepped into kitchen to get something to eat! While surfing through the drawers, he opened the 2nd one from top on left corner of my counter top. And he… Continue reading

Kesariya Paneer

Head was spinning after a long tiring journey of 16 hours, so slept in just 2 mins! Woke up the next morning n 1st thing I did was to analyze the kitchen!!! It… Continue reading

Aloo Bhindi

Many of my dishes fall into ‘Everyday Cooking‘ category! I call them everyday subzi/gravy just ‘coz its something that we always make without any specific list of ingredients or variety of spices!!! Every… Continue reading

Turiya-Patra nu Shaak – by, Linsy Patel

I always get a big smile on my face when I meet or talk to someone who had been at the places before where I used to go! Linsy of ‘Real Home Cooked… Continue reading

Hariyali Paneer

Are you tired of having red/brown gravies of North-Indian cuisine? I’m!!! Whenever I visit any Indian restaurant here, I find the same gravy in almost every dish being served! They change only main… Continue reading

Paneer Kofta Curry

‘Kofta’ – I have been eating these koftas since my mum started making North-Indian dishes in-house! I’m not so bold enough to try varieties of koftas like mum… As I got to taste… Continue reading