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Aloo Palak

And finally… I managed to update my blog!!! And that too with a gravy/curry… After a longggg time :) Recently, I won a food-voucher of MenuLog (an online food ordering system) worth $75… Continue reading

Gatte ki Subzi

If you have read my ‘Daal-Baati‘ post, you must be knowing that my maternal family has a strong Rajasthani influence. All mama, nana and cousin are involved in chilly business which make them… Continue reading

Aloo-Mangodi Subzi

Do you remember, I made Mangodi in last summer? I made curries several times and so I had only 1/2 cup in stock when I planned to make it for a Rajasthani platter.… Continue reading

Bhindi-Peanuts cooked in Yogurt

I have been too lazy to take my camera in hand and click the pics of the dishes I cook!!! Ohh really… I haven’t had touched it since a week or so :P… Continue reading

Bhoona Gobhi Masala

‘Nazar hati, Durghatna ghati’ Everyone faces this situation in their kitchen, right? I faced this many a times before… I always stay alert when I see any damn thing burning on the stove…… Continue reading

Dum Aloo

One dish that my hubby is absolutely in love with – “Dum Aloo“!!! I made it several times and he wasn’t satisfied with the end result… He always said it wasn’t as good… Continue reading

Gobhi-Palak Curry

Back at home in India, I was organizing spinach leaves in a big airy container… I didn’t much bother about where to use that much quantity, thinking that ‘Palak-Paneer’ or ‘Spinach Paratha’ was… Continue reading

Langarwali Aloo-Gobhi

What is the best dish you prepared using gobhi??!!! For me, it’s this – “Langarwali Aloo Gobhi”. As I said in ‘Langarwali Dal’ post before, I still haven’t been to Gurudwara ever :(… Continue reading


‘Okra’ is always my 1st pick for experiments! I simply love these tender yet firm pods… And when I get whole baby okra, I go mad with happiness!!! Of course, everyone in my… Continue reading