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Jeera Aloo

Do you remember what dish you got to learn 1st in the kitchen? I certainly do… I started my culinary journey with roti at the age of 5-6 :) I always loved process… Continue reading

Lili Bataki ~ Baby potatoes cooked in Green Gujarati Gravy

A week back, I planned to make something using my cute baby potatoes… I use them wisely everytime as I can’t afford to spend them for any dish that’s not finger-licking good! Think…… Continue reading

Achaari Gobhi

Don’t really know if that’s true for you or not… But to me, a dollop of pickle or even pickling spice always enhances the taste of any paratha or subzi :) I keep… Continue reading

Cabbage Kofta Curry

I love any gravy that comes with Koftas… Many a times, I mentioned on this space that my mum is an expert feeding me so many varieties of kofta! So again, I have… Continue reading

Malai Kofta

‘Malai Kofta’ & ME!!! :( Grrrrr… Never… Naah, never ever! As you know, I don’t much like sweets and a big NO-NO when it comes to be a sweet gravy/curry. Back in India,… Continue reading

‘Bhoona Paneer’: My guest-post for Rafee’s Space!!!

I made many friends since I started food-blogging, many recipes I bookmarked to try out in my kitchen, participated in many events… But out of all those lovely pages, I always found ‘The… Continue reading

Smoky Eggplant Bharta

Every choice coming in your way has its own consequences to follow!!! Blogging-Cooking-Photographing… Each of these has brought many pros n cons together :P Yes, these are 3 top-most activities I’m so much… Continue reading

Kale Chane ki Subzi ~ (Black Chickpeas Curry)

As I said earlier, I’m focusing on my pressure-cooker these days! A few days back, I was tempted to make a curry using desi chana (black chickpeas) which I used to eat almost… Continue reading

Cabbage Stir-Fry

I can’t eat routine subzi-roti for more than 2 days in series! I always want something different/chatpata on dinner plate and who better knows it than my mum??!!! :P This super-hungry girl (me)… Continue reading