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Amchur Chutney

I usually find a bottle of ‘Imli ki Chutney’ in my refrigerator. Unfortunately, I emptied that bottle sometime back n realized when I planned to make ‘Ragdewali Panipuri’ :( I didn’t have tamarind… Continue reading

Boondi Raita

Those tiny little balls, crisp and savory… I simply love them as a snack! Even I use them in chat dishes or raita as well… And if I talk about raita, I can’t… Continue reading

Aamer Chatni – by, Tanushri Dan

A ‘SWEET CELEBRATION’ GUEST-POST BEFORE ROUND-UP!!! My mum used to say I’ve a bad luck in case of friends!!! Today I’m really wondering, is it so? Yes, that’s partially true if I talk… Continue reading


A very well-known middle-eastern dip HUMMUS should be the 1st choice for any protein-lover! It’s made of just few ingredients, but flavors it carries are simply superb… I usually avoid using sesame seeds where… Continue reading

Instant Mango Pickle

I don’t get raw mangoes here every-time.. This time I visited another market place and guess what!!! I found one… :) Had a kachumbar – ‘Raw Mango chunks & Onions) once n then… Continue reading

Strawberry Jam

Who doesn’t like Strawberry Jam??!!! And if I talk about kids, I’m sure they crave for it anytime and every-time… :P Now let me tell you something very special about this super-yummy “Strawberry… Continue reading

Creamy Guacamole || Avocado Dip

Organizing a party in-house? Making some lip-smacking appetizers to serve? Why not to try something substantial to dip them into… “Creamy Guacamole” or easy to understand, “Chunky Avocado Dip” :) As I said… Continue reading

Pickled Carrots

“Pickled Carrots” reminds me of my days when I was very choosy about vegetables (Although I’ve improved a lot, I still need to work on it). Whenever my mum planned to cook any… Continue reading

Tadka Dahi

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Fresh yogurt 1/8 tsp Mint Powder For Tempering– 1 tsp Cooking Oil 1/8 tsp Cumin Seeds 1/8 tsp Mustard Seeds A pinch of Hing METHOD: – Strain yogurt with a… Continue reading