Pickled Carrots

“Pickled Carrots” reminds me of my days when I was very choosy about vegetables (Although I’ve improved a lot, I still need to work on it). Whenever my mum planned to cook any veggies that I didn’t like, she used to make this quick-to-serve pickle for me! And I always enjoyed it with a rice bowl :)
If there is nothing to have it as a side in your main meal, make this tangy and spicy pickle! 
3 Medium-sized Carrots
2 tbsp Methi Masala (One that is used for pickles
2 tsp Cooking Oil
2 tsp Lemon Juice
Salt, to taste
– Wash the carrots with fresh water and peel them.
– Cut them in your desired shape. (I cut them in vertical strips – medium thick, as my mum used to do)
– Heat oil in a pan and add carrots. Cook it for around a minute to make them tender.
– Add salt, methi masala and mix well. 
– Turn off the heat and add lemon juice. 
– Toss it to mix everything well and serve! :)
– Kasoori methi can be added as well. 
– Adjust methi masala according to your taste. I can’t eat too much spice, so I kept it to 2 tbsp only. 
– Best to serve with breakfast parathas! :)