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Panipuri with Ragda

Do you think it needs an introduction at all??!!! ‘Puchka’ of Kolkata, ‘Gol Gappe’ of Delhi n ‘Panipuri’ of Gujarat… Doesn’t matter what you call these tiny puffed crispy balls, it’s something I… Continue reading

Jain Sambhar

The day we had a jain variety of ‘Masala Dosa’ at some restaurant, we decided to see if we can have delicious jain (no onion – no garlic) food for 5-6 days in… Continue reading

Mixed Beans Salad

Was just wondering if there is a concept of salad in any Indian dish… If yes, mostly we cut some onions, tomatoes, cucumber and mix them all together with some spices! That’s all… Continue reading

Cholar Dal

Any sort of dal preparation always falls in my comfort-food! A few weeks back, better I say on a lazy weekday evening… I wanted to have a quick meal that makes me spend… Continue reading

Gujarati Dal

You can say, a famous staple-food of Gujarati Cuisine! “Gujarati Dal”, a spicy and tangy version of it… My husband specifically asks me to prepare it like the one usually found in Gujju… Continue reading

Jaisalmeri Chane

Whenever I soak black chickpeas overnight, 1st thought that comes in my mind is to make either Bhel-Panipuri or Chana Chat! But if I don’t get any special idea about dinner, I immediately… Continue reading

Chatpati Chana Chaat

Although chaat has numerous varieties to list out!!! I have brought a simple, quick and healthy one for you prepared using Black Chana :)While making it this time, I got myself transported to… Continue reading

Moong Sprouts Usal

A first sight in any Asian Stir-fried dish usually include Moong Sprouts lending nutty flavors n crisp texture to the dish! I used to wonder if I can make the same long, big… Continue reading


Mum told me several times to join her on a trip to ‘Gokul-Mathura’, but I never got ready for it before. I visited that place for the 1st time a year back… I… Continue reading