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Mexican Beans Soup

Temperature is going low each passing day! Seems like it’s the right time of the year to serve healthy, hot & spicy stuff in a bowl only :P You guessed it right, I’m… Continue reading


Back to comfort food??!!! Naah… this post is my all-time favorite food. My mum used to make this many a times for dinner and recently I bookmarked Pari’s recipe for trying out in… Continue reading

All-in-One Salad

“A bowl of salad keeps a doctor away” :P Modified version of the saying… No matter how much I control on oil & plain flour, I have to have these bowls at least… Continue reading

Kidney Beans Salad

Mostly I prefer salad that can be made in a jiffy, so I go with tomatoes or onions only! But once in a while, I love making a special salad dressing to toss… Continue reading

Vaghareli Khichdi

When I was a kid, I always felt ‘Khichdi’ was a typical Gujju food! Never knew that many states of India have their own version of it :) Have never tried those varieties… Continue reading

Mangodi ~ Sundried Moong Dal Wadi

2 months back before I went to India, I was thinking if there’s anyone soon to get married in family??!!! Weird… I know! Actually, if I’ll speak out a reason behind this thought,… Continue reading

Baked Falafel

Everytime I cook Chhole or anything related to that, I end up having leftover boiled chickpeas in stock! This time when I pressure-cooked it specially to make ‘Chhola Pulao‘ and of course, I… Continue reading

Langarwali Dal

To be honest, I never had been to Gurudwara… Hubby used to visit once in a while with his friends and so he knew what ‘Langar’ is and what all things being served… Continue reading

Panchmel Daal

I never planned to make ‘Bhakhri’ on weekdays… 1st, it takes long time on griddle! And 2nd.. high efforts :P I’m a lazy girl at times! But yes, since I started making Khooba… Continue reading