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Borlotti Bean Soup – by, Dimple Makani

Have you ever felt that you’re talking to your long-time buddy if you haven’t met her personally? I certainly feel so… Out of many friends I made here, she’s the one with whom… Continue reading


It’s been too long I had idlis last time… Wanted to use my idli stand but somehow, I feel it’s useless forever! Hubby doesn’t like idlis much n so I don’t prefer to… Continue reading

Bedmi ~ Lentils Stuffed Bread

Now I have decided to try recipes of my fellow-foodies once each week and a few days back, I came across a recipe of ‘Aloo-Bedmi’!!! Namita of Namita’s Kitchen posted this dish on… Continue reading

Kale Chane ki Subzi ~ (Black Chickpeas Curry)

As I said earlier, I’m focusing on my pressure-cooker these days! A few days back, I was tempted to make a curry using desi chana (black chickpeas) which I used to eat almost… Continue reading

Mixed Dalvada

Too long n I haven’t penned down non-sense here… Huh!!! It’s not about posting a lovely story or behind the scenes always… Well, all that I’m saying ‘coz I don’t have any specific… Continue reading

Mixed Dal with Methi

I was missing Tanu‘s posts n clicks for more than a month!!! Didn’t msg her thinking she might not be accessing often during her stay in India. Even though I got to know… Continue reading

#1: Pressure-Cooking

I’m focusing more on pressure-cooker these days! Not only to speed up the process but to retain all flavors of spices in anything I make, I have started maximizing use of it :P… Continue reading

Mexican-Style Fried Rice

I feel sometimes that I have some sort of mental block for several dishes! Mostly that happens when I see a menu of Mexican cuisine anywhere… No doubt, I love a few things…… Continue reading

Raw Papaya Salad

Do you rememebr papaya chutney (kachumber) that you get along with hot ‘n’ fresh fafda in Gujarat? I certainly do… After my recent successful experiment of making fafda in-house, I thought of making… Continue reading