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Fresh Fennel Salad

It was a sunny day, for a change and so I thought of going out for a short walk to local super-market in afternoon time. Well, it’s true that I hardly find any… Continue reading

All-in-One Salad

“A bowl of salad keeps a doctor away” :P Modified version of the saying… No matter how much I control on oil & plain flour, I have to have these bowls at least… Continue reading

Radish-Cucumber Salad

As I said before, I don’t much do with salads on routine day! There are hardly a few days when I want to try some dressing and toss my salad bowl! Dinner was… Continue reading

Kidney Beans Salad

Mostly I prefer salad that can be made in a jiffy, so I go with tomatoes or onions only! But once in a while, I love making a special salad dressing to toss… Continue reading


I’m a salad lover!!! Not that I love making different dressing for it everytime, it works great even if I make it the simplest way… And as far as I know, there’s nothing… Continue reading

Raw Papaya Salad

Do you rememebr papaya chutney (kachumber) that you get along with hot ‘n’ fresh fafda in Gujarat? I certainly do… After my recent successful experiment of making fafda in-house, I thought of making… Continue reading

Mixed Beans Salad

Was just wondering if there is a concept of salad in any Indian dish… If yes, mostly we cut some onions, tomatoes, cucumber and mix them all together with some spices! That’s all… Continue reading

Salmagundi – by, Shruti Nargundkar

Here is a special guest-post from “Shruti Nargundkar“. First of all, I apologize her for being late in posting this! :( But after reading her so impressive write-ups, I was threatened a little… Continue reading

Buttered Corn

Anyone from India must have heard about ‘Kankaria Lake’ for sure! I used to live just on a walking distance from the lake for long years. Many times I used to go for… Continue reading