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Warm Corn Salad

I’m a big-time fan of boiled corn!!! Love having it as a side or just as a quick snack… It rains every now n then here, so I get a chance to work… Continue reading

Potato Salad

Kitchen pantry without potatoes is very much like a necklace without diamonds!!! Hehe… I didn’t find a better clause on comparative degree instantly in mind. Even though I’m not into wearing any sort… Continue reading

Special Salad

I love when my 5-year old niece – Ishita gives me very helpful tips on making desserts, especially to decorate cupcakes!!! Usually, she takes her mom’s phone n chats with me but this… Continue reading

Star Spring Salad

Rarely used “Star Fruit” gives a very different sweet & tangy flavor to this salad. Best for kids if served as tiny lettuce wraps. Here it goes: INGREDIENTS: 1 cup bean sprouts*  1/2… Continue reading