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Jeera Rice

What’s the simplest variety of rice after plain, steamed one? What’s something that you crave for at any roadside dhaaba? What’s the best thing to go with any sort of lentil preparation??? Of… Continue reading

Mushroom Risotto

Risotto!!! I laugh aloud while recalling my 1st experiment of making a good risotto :P I arranged all the ingredients on kitchen top… Started stirring it in a non-stick pan and when I… Continue reading

Coriander Fried Rice

A versatile grain – RICE!!! You can enjoy n no. of varieties if you love experimenting with this grain :) After trying out rice dish with many ingredients i.e. potatoes, paneer, mushroom, lentils,… Continue reading

Vegetable Pulao

I never mentioned before that I absolutely love potluck parties! A table full of novelties… from many cooks, many regions, many ingredients!!! Isn’t it great to have all at once? During primary studies,… Continue reading

Gatta Pulao

I had never used “Gatta” (tiny dumplings made out of chickpea flour) in any dish other than making ‘Gatte ki Subzi’! But this time, I wanted to try the other Rajasthani gravy… But… Continue reading

Tomato Rice

If you ask me, “What’s my current obsession?” My response if surely going to be “Neurons of my brain are highly pre-occupied with what all dishes I can prepare using tomatoes” :) I… Continue reading

Chhola Pulao

Leftovers – I pretty much have a love-hate relationship with it!!! When it comes to be any normal subzi-roti, I can never have them again on the next day… But if it’s something… Continue reading

Veggie Biryani

I don’t much enjoy having simple daal-rice everytime… I love varieties of daal n even in rice dishes too! Peas pulao, jeera rice, chinese/mexican fried rice, mushroom biryani, potato biryani, rissotto n many… Continue reading

Mexican-Style Fried Rice

I feel sometimes that I have some sort of mental block for several dishes! Mostly that happens when I see a menu of Mexican cuisine anywhere… No doubt, I love a few things…… Continue reading