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4 Years of Food-Blogging

4 years??!!! Yes… It has been 4 years since I posted my 1st recipe on this space :) I can’t believe what all I learnt all these years… Never even imagined that I… Continue reading

Nutty Date Balls

I wanted to make a quick sweet goodies for a long time and dates were on my mind! Yesterday when I took a pack of dates out from drawer, I felt like making… Continue reading

Chocolate Bars

Last month, 2 of our very good friends were moving to the other city and we definitely wanted to have a get-together before they leave. We met friday night for dinner-out at some… Continue reading

Gadget Cake

Last week, I got in touch with a lovely lady – Smitha!!! I must thank Sona of ‘Spill the Spices’ for introducing her… And yes, she sent me a friend request on FB!… Continue reading

Eggless ‘Rainbow-Marble Cake’

My recent work: Eggless Rainbow Marble Cake with vegetarian fondant peacock on top!!! For a lovely couple, who wanted to celebrate their 1st anniversary in advance before they move to the other city…… Continue reading

Fruit Trifle

I absolutely love my sweet buddy – Pari and her space! She recently baked & frosted a cake for her son’s birthday party… And a few days later, she posted a lovely looking… Continue reading

Choco-Coco Mousse | Egg-free & Dairy-free

Last week, after baking a few vegan cakes… I had 2 extra cans of coconut cream (milk) in stock! Definitely anyone from South part of India would have loved it… or even thai… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

“Mother’s Day” celebration posts everywhere… And it’s me who can’t think of posting a single dish today!!! She taught me how to hold a spatula… She taught me how to knead dough… She… Continue reading

Welcoming a little angel…

I love being with people of all ages… No matter if it’s a kid or grand-parents! And I also feel that they absolutely enjoy my company… But if I’m supposed to stay for… Continue reading