Welcoming a little angel…

I love being with people of all ages… No matter if it’s a kid or grand-parents! And I also feel that they absolutely enjoy my company… But if I’m supposed to stay for a long time without any company, I switch to nervous mode :( Huh… that was the same feeling when I was visiting my in-laws before marriage. Lucky me, KG has a lovely sister who accompanied me at almost every family get-together!

Even though I’m a bit elder than her and she’s my sister-in-law, we are more like buddies… Yes, that’s the beauty of our relation :) We used to chatter a lot whenever we get a chance. The most wonderful thing is we got married in difference of 3 weeks only. Of course, there was a down-time when we were not much in touch. But now, touch-wood… I wish this bonding lasts forever :)

Let me tell you… I was the happiest person in family when she delivered a baby girl a week back! And she looks as cute as her mum  As I’ve said many a times on this space before that my ‘Mami’ is the best buddy I have in family, with whom I share pretty much everything. And I so much wish to be the same person in this little angel’s life!

Many congratulations to a lovely couple – KS & BS… I wish to see my little buddy soon ❤ ♡ ❤

Here is a ‘Strawberry Cake‘ to welcome a little KS in the family :)