4 Years of Food-Blogging

4 years??!!! Yes… It has been 4 years since I posted my 1st recipe on this space :) I can’t believe what all I learnt all these years… Never even imagined that I won’t be working with IT and continue to put high efforts in pursuing my dream of being a great cook (& a baker)! I laugh at myself when I think of what I used to work on… I never shared the things before but I guess, this is the right time :)

After engineering & database¬†certification, I started my career as an associate DBA. I got a switch to implementation team as a system engineer! One more change and I got into management (Product Analyst) of a telecom product… And then I studied management (with IT) for 2 years :P During the studies, I conducted a batch of 10 students as a Certification Trainer! And I was done with technicals… Joined as a Business Analyst, worked for a year and boommmm!!! 6 years and I was fed up with that… Left everything, stepped into chores of cooking, started home-baking business and I’m much more happy than I used to be :) I really think again and again, is this really me? Yes… It’s me! And I’m very proud of myself today… No matter what people says (criticisms are always welcome) but I’m happy with what I’m doing now. Life is too short to live your dreams, isn’t it? :)

Yes… In all these 4 years, I have got a full support of KG at each step and every decision! Parents stay very excited to know what all I cooked n baked… Mum is definitely a source behind everything I know today :) Mum-in-law added the 5th star to my skills… Can’t thank them enough for all those cooking-lessons :)

If I talk about friends… I used to consider myself a very unlucky person in that case! But a few have proven me completely wrong… I’m so lucky to have them in my life <3 Special thanks to 2 of them… One who boosts my confidence all the time is none other than SHALVI (the best buddy)!!! One who inspires me to learn more n more each day is PARI (gyan-guru in real sense)!!!

And very dear blogger-buddies – Sonal, Suganya, Sona, Radhika, Priya, Malar, Vidya, Prashanti, Rafee, Shazia, Dimple, Elaine, Chaitra, Nimmy, Anitha… :) I can’t miss to mention my non-blogger buddies too whom I met over FB and got connected for lifetime – Smitha, Supreet, Radhika <3
At the end, “Happy 4th Blog-Anniversary to me“! :)

A sweet for the day – “Choco-Orange Truffles”… Recipe to be posted soon :P

choco-orange truffles