Gadget Cake

Last week, I got in touch with a lovely lady – Smitha!!! I must thank Sona of ‘Spill the Spices’ for introducing her… And yes, she sent me a friend request on FB! I accepted seeing a mutual friend in our list and immediately, we started chatting over there. We talked for nearly half hour and then she asked me if I can make a cake for her hubby’s birthday… Well, it was a question ‘coz we had a chat on tuesday and she wanted a theme cake!!! I told her that I can make a classic one as theme elements will take longer to make & dry up… More, I had to make them manually :( And later that day, I felt a bit sad saying no to her… And I logged in to msg her that we can go ahead with a theme cake too :P

We exchanged our contact nos. and whatsapp worked then onwards! We kept chatting for long and decided to make a ‘Gadget Theme’ cake, which she had seen at her friend’s party :) She shared a pic to gimme an idea of what she expects… And by that time, I sketched my own idea too. Next day before starting my work, I asked her if she can share a pic of her living room too… And yes, about his hubby’s favorite tv show or channel too :P Smitha replied on each n every single query I had and here is the outcome :)

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Their living room on to the cake!!! It has got many electronic gadgets that her hubby loves… And he might bring rest of them soon i.e. Play Station ;) Rug, Couch & Tables are replicated based on the pic she shared with me… And yes, every single thing on this cake is edible, including the pen used for write-up :)


It’s ‘Orange Cake’ with Dark Chocolate Ganache filling between the layers & Vanilla Cream frosting on top… I must say, I didn’t use even a bit of artificial flavorings here! It was all made with fresh orange juice, zest & natural extract only :)


I was a bit scared about their feedback!!! 1st, the couple comes from a non-vegetarian family so obviously, they eat normal cakes… And 2nd, she twice asked me what I use as a substitute for eggs! And it was more like an exam I cleared with super-duper marks :) It was supposed to be 1 kg cake only, which crossed the line by little margin to adjust the elements here. Both of them loved the cake in appearance & taste. And here is their 1st reaction on seeing the cake:

It’s much more than expected. We actually expected a single table with these gadgets on to it but you have brought our entire living room on a small cake :)