Beans Crostini

I posted this pic a long back on fb as a ‘Weekend Special’ post… But somehow, missed to post the recipe then after :) Even while drafting this post, I’m drooling… And willing to make it again and again! Ohh yes, it’s that easy, quick and delicious :) Since last few months, we have started experimenting on various breads… And that weekend, it was all about ‘Sourdough Bread’ only :) I keep a batch of guacamole ready in my refrigerator to whip up in a min for a healthy spread. Beans… of course, it’s a part of my routine foodie-life. I can’t live without them, after all… that’s the best source of protein for vegetarians (I do prefer eggs though) ;) And it can never go without tomatoes on top… that’s pretty much it!!!


Yes, the other thing was some pizza cheese and sprinkle of mixed herbs :P You can eliminate adding cheese if making for breakfast/brunch, but if that’s for kids, make them eat cheese too ;) Here you go with some pics & recipe!!!