Event Announcement: Soups with SS

I actually feel so excited when temperature begins to drop a little… Not full-fledged winter yet but still time has come when you start making a list of your “Feel-Good” food. And even if it’s not winter for you, there’s nothing wrong in making a list for the next season ;) Is there any way we can cut off the calories and still enjoy some satisfying meals? Absolutely you can… Get your soupy bowls out and warm up faster with some super-healthy, comforting, steaming soups in cold days!

While posting many of soup recipes recently, I found someone who’s quite like minded… Someone who loves soups & salads eternally! Not only that, she too is a vegetarian… A lovely blogger… And more than that, a very dear friend of mine :) Sonal (of SimplyVegetarian777) and I came up with an idea to build a collection of soups for quick-access & new-ideas and just for that, we planned to run an event for this month, which will bring many entries of fellow-bloggers too. No strict rules (we’re not crying babies) for the event… But expecting too much fun for sure :)


Here are some quick rules of the event :

  1. It’s a vegetarian event… Strictly no Non-Veg! Eggs are allowed.
  2. Event runs from 5th June to 5th July (US time) and it’s open for bloggers as well as non-bloggers.
  3. Non-bloggers send their entries to me: tocookingwithsj@gmail.com, which will be posted on my secondary blog and linked up here!!!
  4. Any number of fresh/archived entries is allowed.
  5. First, link to my announcement page (this one only) and Sonal’s announcement in your post and then use given linky tool to send your entry.
  6. One must like Cooking with SJ and SimplyVegetarian777 for a valid entry.
  7. Usage of logo is optional, but would be great if you add as it helps spread a word.
  8. It would be nice if you can mingle a bit. Visit the fellow bloggers entries and leave your comments or like their work.

Click on the button below to start linking your entries for ‘Soups with SS’!!!