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Homemade Vegetable Stock

I keep a check on my veggie tray in refrigerator every weekend, so that I can use remaining veggies and bring some fresh from market :P And there is absolutely no better way… Continue reading

Schezwan Fried Rice

To be very honest, I didn’t have rice in my kitchen pantry (other than arborio one) for nearly a month. I kept avoiding to go Indian store, thinking of buying it once we… Continue reading


I’m a salad lover!!! Not that I love making different dressing for it everytime, it works great even if I make it the simplest way… And as far as I know, there’s nothing… Continue reading

Vegetable Pulao

I never mentioned before that I absolutely love potluck parties! A table full of novelties… from many cooks, many regions, many ingredients!!! Isn’t it great to have all at once? During primary studies,… Continue reading

Vegetable Spring Rolls – by, Nimmy Raghu

“I always tried corn tomato bharta only… Would love to make this one too! Having boiled corn in stock right now :)” That was the comment to start my interaction with my today’s… Continue reading

Veggie Biryani

I don’t much enjoy having simple daal-rice everytime… I love varieties of daal n even in rice dishes too! Peas pulao, jeera rice, chinese/mexican fried rice, mushroom biryani, potato biryani, rissotto n many… Continue reading

Mix Veggie Fritters

When you feel like doing some activity often, it means you’re in love with that activity! Or even if you have to do that with no other choice, you’ll fall in love sooner… Continue reading

Omelette Roll-ups

Do you really think high-calorie food is always injurious? Uhhh… not for the ones who work hard the whole day and at the end, plan making something that’s quick and easy as a… Continue reading

Veggie Burrito

It’s 7:15 pm now! A busy hectic day on student’s timetable! All 22 students takes their seats in the class… They look so tired after a long day attending 8 lectures from 10… Continue reading