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Puff Pastry Tarts

I love making breakfast or brunch on weekends that appeals my eyes first! Usually, we prefer half-fried with toasts n hashbrowns. If not, we end up having omlette with bread n sauteed mushrooms.… Continue reading

Eggy Bread

A few days back, I was in hurry to reach client on time! I wanted to be there n finish my work before the restaurant starts getting crowded at lunch time. Only an… Continue reading

Breakfast Platter

I believe, breakfast should always be healthy one! And if it’s a weekend, it has to be a special one too :P I love any variety of eggs with toast… in breakfast, brunch… Continue reading

Egg-Mushroom Bhurji

‘Kankaria Omlette’, ‘RK Omlette’, ‘RK Egg Eatery’… I miss my foodie-trips to all those egg stalls with my cousin, SD! She left eating eggs n I left India :P I used to go… Continue reading

Indonesian Noodles

I want to be a kid again!!! It happens many a times when you cook something and that takes you to those oldie-goldie days of childhood! Recently while making noodles in my kitchen,… Continue reading

Omelette Roll-ups

Do you really think high-calorie food is always injurious? Uhhh… not for the ones who work hard the whole day and at the end, plan making something that’s quick and easy as a… Continue reading

Spring-Egg Wrap

What comes first in your mind when you think of making something quick and easy… n yes, healthy too??!!! I usually skip having heavy lunch but if at all I’m hungry, I make… Continue reading

Malaysian Roti Jala

It’s the 1st time I tried n tasted!!! ‘Jala’ means net… A crepe with net type of texture is known as ‘Jala Roti’ in Malaysia :) A few days back when I was… Continue reading

A Chocolate Cake or is it?

By, Guest Writer: Rashmi Madhan Happy Birthday! Once upon a time, it was actually few weeks ago but seems much longer, I made this lovely foodie friend on line called Shruti, the Facebook… Continue reading