Eggy Bread

A few days back, I was in hurry to reach client on time! I wanted to be there n finish my work before the restaurant starts getting crowded at lunch time. Only an hour I had… And at the end time, I remembered hubby warned me in morning not to leave without eating something substantial! I was in dilemma What to cook…

Quickly, thought of making half-fried egg on toast. Took one egg, 2 bread slices n buttered them. But that’s my weekend breakfast… Can’t enjoy the same way on weekday :( A big smile on my face… And I picked my cookie cutter!!! I decided to make kids-friendly ‘Egg in a hole’ :) Cut the bread slice in center… It seemed to be a funny idea though :P Cooked and finally, I enjoyed it…

Happily left to catch the earliest possible train… Why don’t you bring a change in your way of eating eggs??!!!



1 Egg
2 Bread Slices
Salt, to taste
A pinch of Pepper Powder


  1. Butter both the bread slices.
  2. Cut one of them in the center, using cookie cutter.
  3. Arrange it on griddle.
  4. Break one egg in center and sprinkle salt and pepper powder.
  5. Let it cook for 2 mins and turn over.
  6. Cook for a while and serve on another slice of bread (toasted).



  • Ask your kid to help you out cutting the bread slice :)
  • You can beat the egg and pour it in the center as well!!!