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Tortilla Shards

I never prefer making anything more than two of us can eat!!! So normally, a situation doesn’t arise where I have to think over using leftover food… But at times, I make some… Continue reading

Tofu Cakes

Soya, Eggs, Lentils, Beans, Tofu are always my major sources to consume maximum of protein in anything I eat… Out of all these, I always found ‘Tofu’ to be quite tasteless… :P I tried… Continue reading

Malaysian Roti Jala

It’s the 1st time I tried n tasted!!! ‘Jala’ means net… A crepe with net type of texture is known as ‘Jala Roti’ in Malaysia :) A few days back when I was… Continue reading

Peri-Peri Nuts

Peri-Peri… It instantly reminds me of Nando’s :P I simply love these mild, medium, hot, extra hot sauces with limited choice of veggie pita or burger! But more than that, I’ve a crispy… Continue reading

Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup

One of my very favorite soups – Hot ‘n’ Sour :) I always wondered if I can bring the same restaurant taste in-house??!!! And yes, since I tried it for the 1st time… Continue reading

Dry Fruits Katri

“Happy Janmashtmi” to all foodies!!! Most people do fasting today, even I do but still I wonder at times, why??!!! I’m Vaishnav (a community believing in Thakorji – Krishna) n a pushti-margi seva… Continue reading

Sev-Tameta nu Shaak

I remember a morning when my mum was asking me what subzi I wanted to have in lunch… As always, she had a big list of veggies she can prepare for me but… Continue reading

Raw Banana Chips || Plantain Chips

My mum is too good at making ‘vrat (fasting)’ specials!!! I remember… one of my aunties (at in-laws) asked me to learn how to make raw banana chips (that too a vrat version)… Continue reading

QuickFix Potato Subzi

I hardly run out of recipes to make in my kitchen!!! And it happened last week when we planned to go for a movie in evening 6:15 show… It was 3:30 when I… Continue reading