Raw Banana Chips || Plantain Chips

My mum is too good at making ‘vrat (fasting)’ specials!!! I remember… one of my aunties (at in-laws) asked me to learn how to make raw banana chips (that too a vrat version) from my mum!!! When I visited my mum the following week… First thing I did was to bring a bunch of raw bananas from market and ask her to make chips for me :P

I didn’t clarify that I was supposed to learn that too… but she’s my mum after all!!! ;) She peeled the first banana n then kept directing me to do that. Also, she sliced one of them and demonstrated how to fry those chips n then handed over everything to me! Yes… I followed each of her instructions with full concentration and keeping all queries aside, I started munching a fistful of chips ;)

I was to return to my in-laws 2 days later and she packed those banana chips in air-tight container for me! I gave that container intact to aunty saying I made those ;) And she served those chips in small plates for everyone in-house. Fortunately, they all loved it… but fact was, I didn’t do that all by myself! But yes, I didn’t clarify at all… Took all the credits and passed it on to mum when I talked to her next ;)

After a long time, I felt like making them at home but wanted to make kerala style that I used to have a lot at school time! Off you go with a recipe of ‘Raw Banana Chips’:

5 Raw Bananas (or Plantains)
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt, to taste
Oil, to fry
– Peel the raw bananas and wash them properly to get them clean.
– Pat dry with a kitchen towel and apply turmeric powder lightly over them. Keep aside for 5 mins.
– Cut them into thin (your preference on thickness) slices. 
– Heat oil in a frying pan and slide the slices of 1 banana at time. Keep stirring it in between.
– Deep fry till they are crisp in texture… You’ll hear the crispiness while stirring. 
– Take them out to crumpled absorbent paper. Sprinkle salt when hot!
– Once cooled down to room temp, store them in airtight container!!!