Tofu Cakes

Soya, Eggs, Lentils, Beans, Tofu are always my major sources to consume maximum of protein in anything I eat… Out of all these, I always found ‘Tofu’ to be quite tasteless… :P I tried out fried tofu, tofu bhurji, tofu stuffed paratha… It resembles paneer for sure, but I didn’t find that taste in tofu with any of those dishes. Unfortunately, I stopped buying it often!

Some time back, on one of our visits to super market… Hubby got a pack of chilli-garlic tofu n we tasted it next day with dinner! Didn’t like that taste at all and then I was 100% sure not to buy it anymore… A week later, I saw a slab of fresh tofu n “don’t know why” but I brought it to home! Tried out this cute-looking ‘Tofu Cakes’ which my tastebuds enjoyed a lot :) To add some extra protein, I used egg as well while making it!!! I’m sure to try some more dishes with Tofu soon…

tofu cakes

Makes: 2-3


1 cup Crumbled Tofu
1 tsp Plain Flour
1 Egg
Salt, to taste
½ tsp Mixed Herbs
¼ tsp Smoked Paprika
1 tbsp Oil


– Take crumbled tofu and plain flour in a bowl and mix them well.
– Break an egg into it and whisk it for a while.
– Add spices in the bowl and mix everything well.
– Heat oil in a shallow-pan.
– Use a cookie-cutter of your choice and place it on a pan.
– Add prepared tofu mixture in that cutter and shape it tightly.
– Repeat the same process for remaining cakes.
– Shallow-fry on both the sides till you find crispy skin with golden-brown texture.
– Serve hot with ketchup!