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Corn Crackers

What makes your cuppa tea special? For me, there are 3 things… A wonderful company, non-stop chattering & a bowl of crisp munchies :P I often make such tea-time snacks in-house! And one… Continue reading

Baked Falafel

Everytime I cook Chhole or anything related to that, I end up having leftover boiled chickpeas in stock! This time when I pressure-cooked it specially to make ‘Chhola Pulao‘ and of course, I… Continue reading

MeduWada – by, Rekha

It’s just a few months since I know this lady – Rekha Vengalil from Foodolicious Pictured, whose clicks impressed me at the very 1st glance to her blog!!! We got in touch via… Continue reading

Mocha ~ The Coolest Drink Ever!!!

I was hearing that faltu-song ‘Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar, hukka-bar’ from Khiladi 786! Ewww.. I didn’t want to, but it was on MTv’s playlist :P That’s the worst lyrics of the year for… Continue reading

Instant Rava Dhokla

Summer is on!!! When I can’t miss to make Aam-Ras, I absolutely have to make dhokla to go with it :) Well, ‘White Dhokla’ goes without saying for me :) A classic gujju… Continue reading

Tomato Paratha

Routine day it was… I was tired after completing my pending work! Wanted to relax for rest of the day and definitely didn’t want to apply high-efforts for dinner. Something quick, easy yet… Continue reading

Matar Kachori

I get to talk to my mum nearly everyday! My day doesn’t end without knowing what she cooked for lunch n what’s going to be her dinner… Also, one thing that I never… Continue reading

Mixed Dalvada

Too long n I haven’t penned down non-sense here… Huh!!! It’s not about posting a lovely story or behind the scenes always… Well, all that I’m saying ‘coz I don’t have any specific… Continue reading

Ginger Tea

I feel like the season of enjoying tea is back for me… For a few months, I preferred to have a cuppa tea only in morning time with hubby, but then after I… Continue reading