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Boondi Laddoo

As you all know that I’m not a big fan of sweets (cakes are exception though)… Still, I absolutely love a few authentic ones i.e. Malai Peda, GulabJamun n yes, Boondi Laddoo :P… Continue reading

Nutty Date Balls

I wanted to make a quick sweet goodies for a long time and dates were on my mind! Yesterday when I took a pack of dates out from drawer, I felt like making… Continue reading

Chocolate Bars

Last month, 2 of our very good friends were moving to the other city and we definitely wanted to have a get-together before they leave. We met friday night for dinner-out at some… Continue reading

Dodittu ~ A guest post by Vani

I always feel good to introduce a blogger-buddy on my space… And I keep an introduction part ready since the day I send/approve a request to any fellow-blogger for being a part of… Continue reading

Adadiya Paak

Truly said, it’s a beauty of winter! Or I should say, a beauty of Indian Cuisine :) Every month, season, event have its own set of delicacies to be enjoyed. Quite like we… Continue reading

Kaju Mesoob – by, Mum

In past 7-8 years before my marriage, most of my mornings started with mum’s shouts to get up n go for shower!!! But many of those mornings had a wonderful aromatic welcome :)… Continue reading

Almond Fudge (Badam Paak)

Before leaving for a trip to India, I thought of making some sweet dish for mandir bhog… But due to lack of ingredients in my refrigerator, I ended up thinking about easy-peasy ‘Almond… Continue reading


New year day!!! For me, it always started with a visit to temple, wishing family a happy new year, visiting family n relatives on the same day, eating lots of munchies/sweets, welcoming many… Continue reading

Besan ke Laddoo

I love a beautiful aroma of roasting besan for making any dish in my kitchen! But if I feel the same aroma at my place in India, I get strong vibes of having… Continue reading