Dodittu ~ A guest post by Vani

I always feel good to introduce a blogger-buddy on my space… And I keep an introduction part ready since the day I send/approve a request to any fellow-blogger for being a part of my series :) But truly, sometimes I can’t write too much! And one such lovely blogger is Vani Padmanaban of Marudhu’s Kitchen :) Actually, I have been following her space since long but never got to talk to her via Social Media or any other means. Yet, when she asked me if she can write a guest-post for me, I jumped with an excitement to have her here. Well, what I love about her recipes: They’re “SIMPLE YET AUTHENTIC” and that is pretty much everything we can look for… I took a bit longer in conversation with her, even received her guest-post in 3rd attempt from her end and still stumbled upon words here… A very warm welcome, Vani… :) Hope you get a bunch of readers diverted from my space…

I am totally fortunate and honored to do a guest post for Shruti… She has a marvelous and alluring space that acquaints yourself with something to learn. I’m really excited that she has accepted mine with great indulgence. And my guest post is about a good old traditional sweet “Dodittu” which is a Kannada specialty.

It is the good old traditional dessert recipe of kannada Chettiyar’s of “TamilNadu” living in parts of Salem district.During the seventh month or ninth month of pregnancy! They prepare this simple sweet recipe from the mother’s house each with 5″ diameter circle’s and the count should be in odd number’s. Not only this a wide variety of variety rice are also prepared for the feast. After preparing this along with the relatives they take these seer(gift) to the groom’s house where the Groom’s side relatives would be present. Then the “Nalungu” (traditional ritual) function starts!where the couple will be made to sit for “Nalungu” and at the end this sweet will be squeezed with banana in odd number and the pregnant lady will be asked to distribute the mixture to the children who are present for this function. It is a rare sight to see these sweets piled up in huge bamboo baskets ready for distribution. As the batter is poured in big tumbler’s to make it big and as it is bigger in size it is called “Dodittu” in Kannada which means “big-cake”.



1 cup Rava (semolina)
1 cup Maida (APF)
3/4 cup Sugar, or a little more
Water, as needed
1 tsp Cardamom powder
Oil, to fry


  1. Add three ingredients together mix to the above consistency, with cardamom powder added to it.
  2. Leave the mixture to marinate for 2 hours.
  3. Then add water and bring it to idli batter consistency.
  4. Heat oil in a kadai and when it heats up bring down the heat to medium.
  5. Fry one by one until you find them with crispy border and soft in the center.
  6. Take out in a tissue paper and cool it down to room temp.
  7. Enjoy a sweet treat upto 1 week!!!


Marudhu’s Notes:

  • As these are usually prepared for a special occasion, a bigger size is preferred.
  • If more sugar is added, the cake will caramelize!!! So make sure you don’t add much… Keep it mild :)