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Puff Pastry Tarts

I love making breakfast or brunch on weekends that appeals my eyes first! Usually, we prefer half-fried with toasts n hashbrowns. If not, we end up having omlette with bread n sauteed mushrooms.… Continue reading

Happy Holidays, Foodies!!!

A long weekend! Lovely holidays! Easter celebrations everywhere around… And so it has to be special for us too :) Baked an eggless ‘Dark Chocolate Cake’ which is filled with Chocolate Buttercream and… Continue reading

Eggless Mango Muffins ~ A guest post by Priya Shiva

Long time since I invited any guests to share my space! :( Was trapped in some work and couldn’t connect much with anyone… Let me tell you an interesting thing! Due to change… Continue reading

Baked Falafel

Everytime I cook Chhole or anything related to that, I end up having leftover boiled chickpeas in stock! This time when I pressure-cooked it specially to make ‘Chhola Pulao‘ and of course, I… Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes

One more side to go with any of my Videshi dishes – “Hasselback Potatoes” :P Last week when I was going through the pages I like, I stopped for a while when I… Continue reading

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Macaroni – When I hear this word, the only other word that comes to my mind is “Cheese” :P ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ or ‘Cheese Macaroni’ or ‘Mac n Cheese’, call it anything you… Continue reading

Little Froggie’s Birthday!!!

When he was 5 months old, I told his mom (my oldie-goldie school buddy) that I’ll be baking his 1st birthday cake!!! Of course, she happily agreed :) A month back when they… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Sheri!!!

BEWARE!!! Before stepping into her zone… Ohhh yes, I’m someone who knows her much more than anyone else does (or that’s what I feel)!!! She’s the one who is a fashion-maniac… She’s the one… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, KG!!!

Christmas celebration??!!! Naaah… That’s a “Red Velvet Cake” I baked for hubby’s birthday….   Many many happy returns of the day, KG! Happy Birthday  :)   Will post the recipe soon with more pictures… Continue reading