Happy Birthday, Sheri!!!

BEWARE!!! Before stepping into her zone… Ohhh yes, I’m someone who knows her much more than anyone else does (or that’s what I feel)!!! She’s the one who is a fashion-maniac… She’s the one who talks non-stop once she starts… She’s the one who always accompanied me for my shopping-sessions… She’s the one who stood by my side whenever I needed! And I’m wrong if I say she’s my cousin!!!

More than a cousin, she’s the best buddy… Or call her my crime partner… Or my shopping companion… Or my soul-sister!!!

I can’t wait to have those carefree nightouts, a series of movies, unplanned shopping, late night chattering… Soon, very soon we’ll enjoy these all activities again :) Space on this post isn’t enough if I start scribbling the best moments of us together, so I won’t even try doing it. But as it’s her birthday today, I didn’t want to miss a chance to wish her by baking a beautiful cake :) A very happy birthday, Sheri (or Chattu, that’s what I tag her as)!!! And all the best for your future… Love you <3