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Gadget Cake

Last week, I got in touch with a lovely lady – Smitha!!! I must thank Sona of ‘Spill the Spices’ for introducing her… And yes, she sent me a friend request on FB!… Continue reading

Beans Crostini

I posted this pic a long back on fb as a ‘Weekend Special’ post… But somehow, missed to post the recipe then after :) Even while drafting this post, I’m drooling… And willing… Continue reading

Eggless ‘Rainbow-Marble Cake’

My recent work: Eggless Rainbow Marble Cake with vegetarian fondant peacock on top!!! For a lovely couple, who wanted to celebrate their 1st anniversary in advance before they move to the other city…… Continue reading

Mini Pot-Pies

Do you like pot-pies? In breakfast or brunch??!!! I love them… Cute, adorable, tiny pots filled with fragrant, hot stuff inside! I actually wanted to make a short-crust pastry by myself to cover… Continue reading

Dosa Pockets

What do you do when you have some excess amount of dosa stuffing? I find different ways to use it rather than making dosa again :P I already tried out paratha once and… Continue reading

Veggie Pockets

Indo-Chinese snack is one of my favorite things to make (and eat) :P A good break from everyday munching i.e. no boredom of rolling out pooris, no pressure-cooking, no high-efforts… It’s just a… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Bread with Sundried Tomatoes and Herbs

Well, I maintain my list of bookmarks very nicely… I usually make separate folders like blogger, wordpress, fb, others and save blog-links accordingly! Also, I keep 2 separate folders like ‘Cook’ & ‘Bake’… Continue reading

Welcoming a little angel…

I love being with people of all ages… No matter if it’s a kid or grand-parents! And I also feel that they absolutely enjoy my company… But if I’m supposed to stay for… Continue reading

SJ Bakes “Eggless”

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve set up a small home-bakery in Melbourne! Join me @¬†¬†to stay updated with my latest creations… :) If you’re around, order ‘Eggless Goodies‘ for yourself… And… Continue reading