Little Froggie’s Birthday!!!

When he was 5 months old, I told his mom (my oldie-goldie school buddy) that I’ll be baking his 1st birthday cake!!! Of course, she happily agreed :) A month back when they were back from their trip to India, I asked her about the plan to celebrate gattu’s (that’s what I call him) birthday!!! And we discussed over it… I was a bit skeptical about cake, as obviously I baked more than enough cakes to stay confident but never baked a big celebration cake!

But still I wanted to make a special one for my little froggie, so chose the same theme! Knowing that he loves green color, I preferred to make a froggie (or call it garden one) theme only… Again, it wasn’t going to be enough if I bake a single cake with 3 or 4 internal layers… So I took a big risk of making 2-tier cake for the 1st time!!! I had seen many of them before so knew the technicals of it… And that made my work quite easier.

Aadit's Birthday Cake

Also, I considered kids as well as adults to be a part of celebration! Few of them doesn’t prefer to have eggs at all! So it was a total eggless baking for me :) A small one (upper tier) is “Double Chocolate Sponge” with 2 internal layers frosted with dark chocolate whipped cream… The bigger one (lower tier) is “Mocha Cake” with 4 internal layers loaded with vanilla flavored light green whipped cream! All the insects (edible for vegetarians too) are shaped using ready-to-roll fondant :)

Aadit's Birthday Cake1

Yippieeeee!!! I finally did it… :) And everyone loved this cake, especially a little froggie, who tasted cake for the 1st time!!! <3