Thaali Menu – 2

“Rajasthan” – When I hear this word, I can only imagine 2 situations! Either I find myself dancing on those Ghumar folk beats or I’m totally indulged in a bowl of Daal-Baati :P I’ve crossed Gujarat-Rajasthan boundry many a times to visit Nathdwara, but never got a chance to step forward towards the land of desert…


I have been fortunate to eat their traditional food so many times, at various restaurants or in-house! And my mami is the biggest source from where I learnt cooking all these dishes at home, all by myself :) Few days back, I wanted make a quick ‘Daal-Baati’ dinner but then expanded my plan and cooked a complete “Rajasthani Thaali”!!! After eating everything, I was so happy to get each of those entities just perfect <3


Dishes in the thaali menu:

  1. Khooba Roti
  2. Dahiwale Aloo
  3. Daal-Baati
  4. Churma
  5. Gatta Pulao
  6. Jeera Chhaas

Click on the link to fetch the recipe!!! More will be posted soon… :)