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Thaali Menu – 8

‘Fusion-Confusion’ :) It’s nothing but a combination of different culinary traditions, served in a novel way. Then why not to use ingredients from around the world and cook them Indian way? That’s exactly… Continue reading

Burnt Garlic Rice

I have a few dishes in my list which tastes better when slightly burnt :P I love my khichdi that way… I absolutely love my handva a bit burnt on top!!! And here… Continue reading

Thaali Menu – 6

A few weeks back, I had a special guest over dinner and so I had to make the things special… Well, I actually preferred the other way out :) Prepared a classic dinner,… Continue reading

Egg Fried Rice

It usually doesn’t happen but when it does, I open my lazy cooking diary :P Haannn… when I’m too lazy to cook anything for dinner, I switch to my rice-bowl mode! And having… Continue reading

Vaghareli Khichdi

When I was a kid, I always felt ‘Khichdi’ was a typical Gujju food! Never knew that many states of India have their own version of it :) Have never tried those varieties… Continue reading

Schezwan Fried Rice

To be very honest, I didn’t have rice in my kitchen pantry (other than arborio one) for nearly a month. I kept avoiding to go Indian store, thinking of buying it once we… Continue reading

Jeera Rice

What’s the simplest variety of rice after plain, steamed one? What’s something that you crave for at any roadside dhaaba? What’s the best thing to go with any sort of lentil preparation??? Of… Continue reading

Mushroom Risotto

Risotto!!! I laugh aloud while recalling my 1st experiment of making a good risotto :P I arranged all the ingredients on kitchen top… Started stirring it in a non-stick pan and when I… Continue reading

Coriander Fried Rice

A versatile grain – RICE!!! You can enjoy n no. of varieties if you love experimenting with this grain :) After trying out rice dish with many ingredients i.e. potatoes, paneer, mushroom, lentils,… Continue reading