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Happy Birthday, KG!!!

Christmas celebration??!!! Naaah… That’s a “Red Velvet Cake” I baked for hubby’s birthday….   Many many happy returns of the day, KG! Happy Birthday  :)   Will post the recipe soon with more pictures… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, AADI!!!

Even though he talks gibberish all the time, I assume he’s shouting on me: “I have 2 teeth now! I can stand without any support! I take baby-steps too, iff I’m not tired… Continue reading

Baby-Steps in Family

☆☆☆ And that calls for a grand celebration… ☆☆☆ Babies are wonderful, no matter if it’s a baby-boy or a gal!!! And I’m happier than the happiest to welcome a new family member – A… Continue reading

Pressure-Cooker Cake

Have already shared countless memories of tea-time!!! I’m back with one more… Last year during mid-summer, when everyone around was looking tired with scortching heat… I packed some wonderful moments. My brother-in-law was… Continue reading

Eggless Choco-Walnut Cake

Saturday brought lots of fun with a great sunny weather… Decided to catch up with school buddies over dinner! Lemme give a brief intro here… KD has been an intersection of my school/college… Continue reading

Apple-Cinnamon Cake

In last September, I got in arguments with my brother-in-law (IAG) on some matter n then I stopped talking to him! Silly me :P Me n my sister-in-law (MIG) had decided to celebrate… Continue reading

A Chocolate Cake or is it?

By, Guest Writer: Rashmi Madhan Happy Birthday! Once upon a time, it was actually few weeks ago but seems much longer, I made this lovely foodie friend on line called Shruti, the Facebook… Continue reading

Learning to Bake…

Another lovely post by Rashmi Didi, with basics of baking!!! After 2 trials of her Apple Cake in my kitchen, I’m now ready to take this one in my next baking session…. Without… Continue reading

Apple Cake for a Healthy Heart

Apple Cake for a Healthy Heart  by Rashmi Madhan   Rashmiz Apple Cake  The trouble with recipes is that they can sometimes be misleading.  I still get a smile on my face when… Continue reading