Baby-Steps in Family

☆☆☆ And that calls for a grand celebration… ☆☆☆

Babies are wonderful, no matter if it’s a baby-boy or a gal!!! And I’m happier than the happiest to welcome a new family member – A BABY BOY!!! Heartiest congratulations to IAG-MIG for your promotions :)

mocha cake

We all were waiting for Diwali to pass n a baby to step into our lives, but something skipped out of our minds!

When parents are so much fond of fire-crackers, how can a baby stay away from it??!!! :P Here he is…

To enjoy this festive season with all, to watch the firework, to observe the rituals, to smell all the sweets/munchies…

Just after seeing his 1st video, I found him saying “Yey! I’m here to take you all on remand :)” His cute, plumpy, pink face isn’t out of my eye-sight since last day! So much willing to go n take him in my arms, but unable to do so! Planned to go for his shopping today, but changed my mind! As a food-blogger, I can’t let the time move ahead without a sweet-celebration :) I’m so overwhelmed…

More I’m unable to digest that my crime-partner forever i.e. MIG (sister-in-law) is now a momma of a day old baby :) I was feeling we’re still kids :P Now there’s someone who will rule over this tag!!!

Many congratulations to a lovely couple IAG-MIG :) A name is yet to be decided for a baby-boy, but he’s a LI’L DUMPLING on my cooking space now on wards!!!