Happy Birthday, AADI!!!

Even though he talks gibberish all the time, I assume he’s shouting on me:

“I have 2 teeth now! I can stand without any support! I take baby-steps too, iff I’m not tired after so much hardwork of managing my toys! And you… Yes, you hear it well that I can eat most of the dishes you make n post!!!” :P


“Little Tiger” – I guess this name tag suits him a lot! I see him almost every alternate day and these days I find him pretty much active, naughty and talkative! He never sticks in front of camera so it’s fun watching him running n exploring every corner of home!

Yes… When he’s in mood to sit on a couch and stare at my face (must be funny one for him), he makes faces n someday he keeps blabbering in response! How I enjoy each moment…

Ohhh all this time, I was talking about my nephew – AADI and it’s his 1st b’day today (according to their time-zone) n I celebrated it my way! Ahan… my little tiger is a year-old toddler now :) Many many happy returns of the day!!! Happy Birthday to a big boy :)

A little tidbits about him–

What does he love to eat? Ummm… Everything that he sees on his dad’s (my elder brother) plate! Anything that he finds his mum cooking! Gujarati Dal, Paper Dosa, Idli or even a bite of Quesadilla :P

Which corner of home is his favorite? Hahaha… Kitchen for all time! He enters in the kitchen as soon as he finds a chance… Knocking on dish-washer n opening door of freeze are his favorite activities there :)

What is he fond of? Deeply, madly in love with Mowgli… :P And that too on his mum’s phone! She’s never supposed to touch her own phone without his permission!!!

Well, this is just a glimpse… I think, I have 1000s of things to write about him :) I haven’t met him ever… But I’m so much waiting for that day to come soon :)

God Bless You, AADI!!! :)