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Tomato Rice

If you ask me, “What’s my current obsession?” My response if surely going to be “Neurons of my brain are highly pre-occupied with what all dishes I can prepare using tomatoes” :) I… Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Sauce

Recently I bought a jar of pizza sauce from super market, may be for 2nd time! And made a simple cheese pizza using it… Also, tried it with a plate of pasta! Wait…… Continue reading

Quick Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Breakfast/Snack/Starter under 10 mins!!! Don’t you believe me? Wait… It’s not something that I make usually like eggs on toast or any kebabs or noodles! But it’s definitely a special thing to make… Continue reading

Tomato Paratha

Routine day it was… I was tired after completing my pending work! Wanted to relax for rest of the day and definitely didn’t want to apply high-efforts for dinner. Something quick, easy yet… Continue reading

Tomato Soup

Few days back, I posted something with strong vibes of summer! And it’s all gone… Cold, Rainy, Windy weather since then :( I just wanted to be cozy in my bed with a… Continue reading