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Silky Spaghetti

I hardly get to use spaghetti or pasta in my kitchen n that too when I don’t find other options for a quick cooking! I always enjoyed using my pack of spaghetti making… Continue reading

Mushroom Matar Malai

It’s been a long time (nearly 3 years) I met my elder brother and sister-in-law, who are big-time foodies!!! Bhaiya went overseas to pursue his post-graduation studies n I was doing my engineering… Continue reading

Mushroom-Peas Pulao

Sometimes I love taking a break from my kitchen!!! Especially when I want my hubby to cook something delicious for me… And on a perfect sunday morning, I demanded him to make one… Continue reading

Mushroom-Onions Pizza

We love pizza, but avoid having them many a times just ‘coz that isn’t a healthy option to have on menu every now n then! :( After a long time, couldn’t control my… Continue reading

Kadai Mushroom

I always included mushrooms in rice variety or breakfast dish, but never tried my hands on any gravy using it!  Even I wasn’t sure if this will work… But to my surprise, this… Continue reading

Mushroom Spaghetti

Spaghetti – A type of thin, cylindrical pasta and that too with garlicky mushroom flavor! Yummm… It’s very easy, quick to cook under 30 mins and of course, super delicious! It looks and… Continue reading

Mushroom Dumplings

Don’t think that these cute looking dumplings are taking too long to make… It’s just a matter of half hour to make 2-3 dozens of them! If it’s hard to manage half hour,… Continue reading

Kumbhi/Khumbi Pulao

Kumbh means Mushrooms… A variety of rice with marinated mushrooms – “Kumbhi Pulao”. You might have heard this name if you’re following ‘Turban Tadka’ show, but this is totally SJ version…  If you… Continue reading

Tandoori Marinade

Before you read the recipe given below, let me explain a fine line between “Marinade” and “BBQ Sauce”!!!  – Marinade is a strong-flavored liquid with thick consistency that is used to soak veggies… Continue reading