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Pressure-Cooker Cake

Have already shared countless memories of tea-time!!! I’m back with one more… Last year during mid-summer, when everyone around was looking tired with scortching heat… I packed some wonderful moments. My brother-in-law was… Continue reading

A Chocolate Cake or is it?

By, Guest Writer: Rashmi Madhan Happy Birthday! Once upon a time, it was actually few weeks ago but seems much longer, I made this lovely foodie friend on line called Shruti, the Facebook… Continue reading

1-min Microwave Mug Cake

I always think twice before planning to bake a cake, as… It takes too much in following exact proportions n procedure to follow :( That comes to be too-big cake for just 2… Continue reading

Chocolate Biscotti

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I wanted to open my pack of cocoa powder for making something, but at first, I thought of using it in mocha only ;) Planned to bake chocolate cake… Continue reading

Chocochips Muffins

Till the time we were together, I and my brother hardly had some cakes/muffins together… Of course, none of us were too crazy for any sort of sweets or even chocolates! Since he… Continue reading