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Roasted Garlic-Mushroom Toast

Start your weekend in style!!! I’ve said this before when I posted ‘Puff Pastry Tarts’ and saying this again with these ‘Roasted Garlic-Mushroom Toast’ :) Actually, brunch is something I love making every… Continue reading

Eggy Bread

A few days back, I was in hurry to reach client on time! I wanted to be there n finish my work before the restaurant starts getting crowded at lunch time. Only an… Continue reading

Tomato Bruschetta

Are you tired of eating the same ‘Egg on Toast’ breakfast every weekend? Well… that happened to me! I wanted some change this time… And pre-decided to have bruschetta :) Again, didn’t want… Continue reading

Breakfast Platter

I believe, breakfast should always be healthy one! And if it’s a weekend, it has to be a special one too :P I love any variety of eggs with toast… in breakfast, brunch… Continue reading


You can clearly see my improved work in food-photography! I have been adding entities to my collection of props i.e. plates, bowls, boards, kitchen towels, accessories etc. each day :) It has been… Continue reading

Bread Balls

“Something unhealthy is always delicious!!!” That is what I think at times… Can have a baked or sauted version of several dishes too, but having deep-fried is always super-yum! ;) ‘Bread Balls’ –… Continue reading

Besan Toast

Make your tea-time perfect with a dish of “Besan Toast”, which is quick and easy to make! Core-vegetarian may consider it an ‘Egg less savory french toast” :)  Since I’ve watched the movie… Continue reading


An effective use of left-over breads or bread sides for making breadcrumbs at home!!! Try it out… METHOD: – Cut them into pieces and arrange all the pieces in a baking tray.– Keep it… Continue reading