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Indian street food??!!! Who cares about the gym sessions? Who cares about a few (or more) extra calories? Who cares about a plate full of comfort food? If not you, I’m definitely the… Continue reading

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Find me a single person who doesn’t like sandwiches!!! Possible? Naah…. I’m sure never ever :) I love these on-the-go bites… Works great at lunch time, in tiffin boxes, evening snack… Works even… Continue reading

Puri for Panipuri

Panipuri? Puchka? GolGappa? Who doesn’t like it??!!! That has been my favorite since I was a kid. It’s easy to get those perfect round balls (puris) at any street-vendor in India… But here,… Continue reading

Chhole Tikki

I’m a big fan of street food, and I go crazy specially when I’m ordering any chat dish!!! That hot, sweet n sour taste all together in a single plate/bowl works wonderful to… Continue reading

Mixed Dalvada

Too long n I haven’t penned down non-sense here… Huh!!! It’s not about posting a lovely story or behind the scenes always… Well, all that I’m saying ‘coz I don’t have any specific… Continue reading

Onion Pakoda

How I loved raising my hand to answer the questions our teacher used to shoot during lectures!!! I always wanted to be the 1st one to raise my hand… And I still love… Continue reading

Aloo-Matar Paratha

Do you think your memories are mysterious? Mine are… I feel that sometimes :( Many times I wish to be a long-lost wanderer down the memory lane… And many times, I hate to… Continue reading

Baked Samosa

I always love pairing up my cuppa tea with a plate of hot Aloo Samosas! And so I call these tiny triangle short-crust pastry stuffed with boiled potato n peas as ‘Chamosa’ only… Continue reading


I simply love ‘Cholafali’!!! May be more ‘coz my mum is an expert in making these ‘Diwali-Special’ munchies :) She makes it in whole-sale quantity n I remember, I used to resist a… Continue reading