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Jeera Bhakhri

I didn’t grow up eating any fancy breakfast! No pancakes, no half-fried, french toast etc. etc. I still enjoy that biscuit-type bhakhri, made for dinner previous night!!! Mum used to apply a dollop… Continue reading

Daal-Paalak Paratha

Going grocery shopping is never quick n easy for me! Don’t ask me for a reason!!! Quite obviously, I get lost in those aisles like a kid getting lost in a sugar-candy store… Continue reading

Paneer Paratha

Do you remember all those days when you shared your tiffin-box with your school-buddies? or college-mates? or even with colleagues? I certainly do… I can always link myself back to those tiny lunch-boxes… Continue reading

Scallion Pancakes

I always think twice before buying a bunch of spring onions from market as it’s hard to keep them for more than 1-2 days in pantry and major reason, I don’t have to… Continue reading

Garlic Roti

If I start counting varieties of ‘Indian Breads’, it will definitely go beyond my imagination!!! Being an integral part of Indian cuisine, these breads are prepared with different ingredients n different techniques in… Continue reading

Methi Thepla

Again a comfort food from Gujju family!!! :) “Methi Thepla” is an authentic flat-bread prepared often for picnics, long distance travelling, monsoon, tea-time, tiffin box… You can call it ‘Bread-Butter’ for a Gujju!… Continue reading

Paneer-Mooli Paratha

I had been to ‘Jassi De Parathe’ thrice when I was in India and since then I have got a long list of stuffed parathas to try in-house! I enjoy making them not… Continue reading

Chana Dal Stuffed Paratha

I’m fond of trying various stuffed paratha!!! I never prefer having leftover items on the next day and so I hardly have something in freeze from previous lunch/dinner :) A little extra rice… Continue reading

Aloo Paratha

It happened many a times before marriage when my hubby asked me what all I had in lunch/dinner & I replied in a word – “Aloo Paratha”!!! He used to wonder how many… Continue reading