Quick Sliders

Who doesn’t like sandwich? Aaah wait… I love it but only when there’s nothing else to eat :P Actually, we seem to be on experiments these days… Getting quite a new bread variety, freshly baked from a local deli works great! And recently we bought a big loaf of turkish bread… It was a whole-wheat bread so I was happier… And in fact, it’s never harmful to have the ones with plain flour if you know how to control the intake :)
So, back to the point… I loved the flavors, taste, texture of this bread! There were sesame seeds, onion seeds, herbs on top of it and so airy inside… Using it as a panini slice was the best one :) And I made this ‘Quick Sliders’ for an evening snack. It was meant to be a plain vegetarian one but I added a half-fried egg too :) Here is how I made it…



1/2 Turkish Bread Loaf
A fistful of Salad Greens
2 tbsp Hummus (Plain or Lemon-Coriander)
1 tbsp Tzatziki
6 Tomato Slices
6 Lebanese Cucumber Slices
2 Half-fried Eggs (optional)
Salt, to sprinkle
Butter, to grill



  1. Cut the bread loaf into 2 pieces and then slice each one in between.
  2. Apply butter on each side and grill them on a grill-pan for a few mins.
  3. Spread hummus on all the slices and then put some salad greens on bottom slice.
  4. Arrange tomato & cucumber slices and pour 1-2 tsp tzatziki on top.
  5. Put a half-fried egg (or skip) and then place top slice.
  6. Serve as it is with a cold-drink!!!