Event @ Foodelicious

Hello everyone,

I’m here for a few announcements today!!!


  1. Pari has announced a winner of the last event I hosted ‘Only Cooking with Grains‘!!! And the winner is – Anitha Jay :) Many congratulations, Anitha!!! Hope you enjoy cooking with the cook-book you receive soon <3
  2. Also, one more wonderful event (with a give-away) is going on at Pari’s space “Only Tried & Tasted” (click on the link to check it out), which asks you to link up all the entries tried & tasted from Foodelicious! Even I have bookmarked a few recipes she posted previously… And I’m definitely in for the participation :) What are you waiting for?
  3. One more thing… She has also announced an international give-away sponsored by Puro Coffee! You can also read her reviews here: http://www.cookingoodfood.com/2014/01/puro-fair-trade-coffee-product-review.html I absolutely loved it’s tagline “It’s a coffee with a cause; the cause of protecting the rain forests” :) Even though I haven’t tasted it yet, I trust Pari’s words… It must be magical! I have entered into a RaffleCopter… Who knows, I might win the one!!!

Head over to Pari’s space and find out more details there!!! Happy Cooking… Happy Blogging… Happy Participating :P