Indo-Chinese Sizzler

Finding a place where sizzlers are being served is quite easier here than India… At the same time, it’s true that I don’t feel like looking for the best one around ‘coz nothing can beat the taste n flavors of super-yum sizzlers @ Cafe Upper Crust in India! I have brought my sizzler plate here too and last I made one during last december, on hubby’s b’day!!! My god… It’s been a year since I used my favorite cast-iron plate :P Decided to get it from my storage box and prepare one…

I definitely believe that it’s a tedious task! I mean, it’s a great feeling to see your delicacies on a single plate with sizzling effect and amazing aroma of butter!!! But it doesn’t last for more than a few mins, that’s a sad part… If you’re “2” to eat from one sizzler plate, it’s never enough :P

Chinese Sizzler


1 Serving Hakka Noodles (I used flat noodles, for a change)
1 Serving Dry Manchurian
1 Serving Chinese Fried Rice

2-3 Cabbage Leaves
2 tsp Butter



  1. Heat a sizzler griddle on high flame for approx 15-20 mins.
  2. Once done, arrange this super-hot griddle carefully on wooden case.
  3. Place cabbage leaves to cover this cast-iron griddle completely.
  4. Put your servings of noodles, Manchurian and fried rice over it.
  5. Drop a dollop of butter on both the sides of cast-iron plate.
  6. It will release amazing aroma along with sizzling texture on the plate.
  7. Serve instantly!!!


  • Optionally, you can include other varieties as well i.e. Chilly Paneer, Chinese Bhel, Manchurian Rice, Gobhi Manchurian etc.
  • I sometimes love using my sizzler plate to serve appetizers!
  • Will post an ‘Italian Sizzler’ soon :)