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Clear Mushroom Soup

Sometime back, I posted a few pics of my Balinese Cooking Workshop… Now my funda is to share all what I learn! And I promised a few of my friends that I’ll bring… Continue reading

Sweet Corn Soup

Nothing is more comforting than a bowl of hot soup! To me, ‘Sweet Corn Soup’ works the best :) Not everybody likes it, but if I’m given an option, I always go for… Continue reading

Borlotti Bean Soup – by, Dimple Makani

Have you ever felt that you’re talking to your long-time buddy if you haven’t met her personally? I certainly feel so… Out of many friends I made here, she’s the one with whom… Continue reading

Tomato Soup

Few days back, I posted something with strong vibes of summer! And it’s all gone… Cold, Rainy, Windy weather since then :( I just wanted to be cozy in my bed with a… Continue reading

Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup

One of my very favorite soups – Hot ‘n’ Sour :) I always wondered if I can bring the same restaurant taste in-house??!!! And yes, since I tried it for the 1st time… Continue reading

Beetroot Soup

“Beetroot Soup”, a traditional soup prepared for Xmas evening supper in Eastern-European countries. A deep pink-purple and highly refreshing “Borscht” is just so healthy and yummyyyy…. A month back, we got to taste… Continue reading