Taco Balls

What’s your favorite cuisine??!!! Well, I’ve come across this question many a times… And I carefully choose to skip answering it! Reason… I’ve met enough people by now who don’t find my answer normal.

Even though I’ve been living in this beautiful country for nearly 8 years now, my love for Indian food has never decreased even a bit! I’m open to try various cuisines, variety of dishes most of the times but when it comes to choose my favorite cuisine, I still stick to Indian… the only cuisine which has got so manyyyyy sub-cuisines (if at all, that’s a word in any dictionary)! There are many dishes from many corners of India which I haven’t even heard of (eating authentic version of them is a distant dream only)… Yet, I believe the taste n flavor that you can develop in Indian dishes is unmatchable…

I don’t want to do injustice to other cuisines n so I keep on eating those too! We love Japanese curries, Afghani kormas, Italian risottos, Mediterranean wraps n many more of such delicacies… I often try my hands on those too 😂 Sometimes with a super success n at times, grand failure!

But if anything that I eat quite often apart from Indian food, it is surely Mexican (with flaws though)… Tiny bit of confession here, I never order hard tacos (neither I make them at home) only because I don’t want to be in limelight for that timeframe! I can’t really handle eating hard taco shells without being extreme messy… Sushhhhh!!!! Let’s keep that a secret only 😉

So yes, back to the recipe… I had made some tacos a few days back n had some leftover filling n salsa in the fridge. These cute little croquettes are one of the best leftover-makeover I’ve done so far 😊


1 cup Black beans, cooked with chipotle spicemix

1/2 cup Fresh Bread crumbs

3-4 tbsp Homemade Salsa

Salt n Herbs, as required

Oil, to deep-fry or shallow-fry

Steps to follow:

Take all the ingredients in a big bowl and smash them all together with a potato masher.

Make lemon sized balls out of it and roll them all in breadcrumbs (keep some spared for this) for final coating.

Heat oil in a pot or appe pan and fry them until golden brown n crunchy from all sides.

Take them out on a kitchen towel and serve hot with ketchup or use them to stuff in a wrap or slider!!!